jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

New Release

Old Autumn Tales Ep by Noisesurfer

Noisesurfer (wordpress) is the first spanish project on 20kbps. Contrary to what the pseudonym might suggest - its bandwitdh is everything else than restricted to noise. This ep (actually it's more like an lp) is a further succesful step on their ongoing search for good music.
The tripartite centerpiece Old Autumn Tales starts with some experimental ambient techno in Wind Spoke and it ends with a very unconventional harsh ambient part, appropriately named noise. Between these two lies Lonely Quiet, a stellar soudscape masterpiece.
They are underpinned by four more works: Rotor County, a frisky dance tune, Unknown Letter, another very fine soundscape, and two experimental electronica tracks, Transit Fields and Dr.Drum.

You can download or listen individual files at its archive.org and last.fm page

Noisesurfer - Spiritual World Sampled

Originally recorded Dec.2011 , songs by Noisesurfer for Ethno Indigo Records 2012.About:12 new songs for listen with headphones and goes to mindblowing and personal meditations in free creative commons download for the people,please enjoy it.
Ethno Indigo Web
Ethno Indigo Archive
Ethno Indigo Records is a new netlabel in collaboration with
Ethno Indigo Records
and noisesurfer.com

Pale Inner Liner / Noisesurfer [foot192] (2011.11.07)

Made under jungle dub techno, running to the dubstep fields and floating to the space sounds. It is a musical journey through the eclectic mental techno in a hope to enjoy your mind.

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