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The New Worck 415 of Noisesurfer

How’s your lazy sunday afternoon? Time to chill! ‘Chill Out Zone’ by TNW resident Noisesurfer! Check out his brand new release at Ethno Indigo Records! Ambient drone focus!

Noisesurfer – Chill Out Zone


  • Intronoise
  • Noisesurfer – Underwater (2010 Silent Flow Netlabel)
  • Noisesurfer – Amorphous Transgenicous (2010 Jerky Oats Netlabel)
  • Secondthought – Station (Secondthought.Co.Uk)
  • Noisesurfer – Biosdead (2011 Bumpfoot Netlabel)
  • Virtual Sphere – Type Modulation 1 (2011 Ethno Indigo Records)
  • Noisesurfer – Electro Machines Extract (2011 Itsu Jitsu Netlabel)
  • Seafar – Aesop (2011 Fsoldigital.Com)
  • Noisesurfer – Time (2011 Itsu Jitsu Netlabel)
  • Ethnotrnic – Madness Suite (Ethno Indigo)
  • Cubus – Grounded (Ilovecubus.Co.Uk)
  • Noisesurfer – Sunscape (2010 Jeky Oats )
  • Noisesurfer – Intro 2 (2011 Bumpfoot)
  • Noisesurfer – Time Paste (Not On Label)
  • Herd – Tangent43 (2011 Fsoldigital)
  • Loose Link – Nncdnb (Jerky Oats)
  • Noisesurfer – Ambient Drone Focus (2011 Bumpfoot)
  • Off Land – Solar (Full – Source.Com, 2011 Jerky Oats)
  • Noisesurfer – Fly To Mumuland (2011 Ethno Indigo Records)
  • Noisesurfer – Outfield (2011 Itsu Jitsu)
  • Noisesurfer – Headbreak (2010 Jerky Oats)

  • PSY FI

    This new ep by noisesurfer contain a film Psychedelic video and his 5 tracks created,written,played by Rontxelius/Moraledius for Ethno Indigo Records,2011

    Click Download Full Release


    Click see video

    Bonus Tracks
    Virtua by NOISESURFER

    This is a experimental film/album contains Electronical environments in creative commons licenses , only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they canât change them in any way or use them commercially.2011 Ethno Indigo Records

    Electro Machines
    Running Time: 01:25:00
    Catalogue Number: ijns02
    Release Date: 19th August 2011

    About: The Noisesurfer duo are back, this time with an all together stranger album of clanging machine sounds, abstract beats and shifting synth textures.

    ‘Electro Machines’ is a an entirely apt title for this fantastical voyage in and around the inner workings of what seems to be one gigantic, futuristic, city sized machine. Each track presenting a snapshot of different sections of the work being carried out by the sprawling mechanical edifice. Enjoy your trip.


    1. Aural
    2. Electro Machines
    3. Globe Circuit
    4. Qual
    5. Nasty Melody
    6. Turn Off
    7. Hoffman’s Lab
    8. Pararel
    9. Minotaur Jr

    Available as: digital download from Bandcamp.Thanks to Jason Kavanagh for hosting

    Compilation recorded tracks from outtakes,reworkers and unrealesed songs for previous albums.Contain recordings from 2010/2011 from noisesurfer sessions.

    Present? What Present?

    Present? What Present? Cover Art

    Artist: Noisesurfer
    Title: Present? What Present?
    Catalogue Number: ijns01
    Release Date: 23rd May 2011

    Track listing:

    1. Err Memory
    2. Present? What Present?
    3. Got To Be Emotion
    4. Clock Rotatio
    5. Dubnights
    6. Anime (Soul Mix)
    7. Arc
    8. Time
    9. i8i0
    10. Road Movie
    11. Outfield
    12. Love Emotions
    13. Enology
    14. Biosdead
    15. Large Sonic Delta
    16. Loomp
    17. My Lovely Ballantines

    Get it on bandcamp

    Thanks To Jason Kavanagh For Hosting on Itsu Jitsu

    (navigation image)

    Dish Forest / Noisesurfer [foot177] (2011.05.22)

    foot177 cover image

    Release notes

    Noisesurfer takes his inspiration about world state, creating a strange paradise into the darkness, a perfect place for soundscapes and far away minds to reality for a while. 12 songs ranging from ambient, acid, breaks, to IDM. This album is a journey to the sounds until find the way to peaceland.


    Track list

    1. Sintro (1:59)
    2. Schmooties (5:08)
    3. Endorphines (5:44)
    4. Underplanet (5:43)
    5. Dub Clercks (1:37)
    6. Ambient Drone Focus (4:30)
    7. Jjungle Break (4:26)
    8. Darkness Response (4:56)
    9. Intensive (4:39)
    10. Dead City Explorer (4:46)
    11. Rephlex (3:44)
    12. Dish Forest (8:23)

    MP3, total time 55:37, total size 128MB


    808 Stairs EP / Noisesurfer [bump158] (2011.05.22)

    bump158 cover image

    Release notes

    These tracks were included in "Dish Forest", but to make it clearer, the album was separated into "bump" side and "foot" one. 808 Stairs EP is a jumping time goes to Balears rhythms and techno groove tries for one of the best feelings and dance in such places that your mind desire.


    Track list

    1. 808 Stairs (4:48)
    2. Orbvious (4:30)
    3. Spring Feels (4:31)

    MP3, total time 13:50, total size 31.8MB


    Thanks To Tatsu for Hosting on Bump Foot Netlabel

    Noisesurfer - Ambient Drone Focus EP

    Noisesurfer - Ambient Drone Focus EP Cover Art
    5 Mixes of this Ambient song,included on Bumpofoot

    Fade Cross To You EP

    Digital Album

    FOR ETHNO INDIGO RECORDS 2011 > Free Download

    The New Worck

    Noisesurfer (Joachim Rontxelius & Raquel Moraledius) is back! Part 2 of their great mix serie ‘From Sunday Off Land’! Massive sounds, ambient music & experimental tracks! Big credits to Second Thought! The future sound of music!

    Thanks to Schobbejak

    Noisesurfer – From Sunday Off Land Part 2

    Counter /

    Noisesurfer [foot173] (2011.03.27)

    Download all files
    foot173 cover image

    Counter, the new album from Noisesurfer, follows previous records Noisesurfer, "Dark Blue Sea", "Evening Road", "Oncoming Storm", "Drawners" and "Present? What Present?". The album is more of a rhythmic record with plenty of breakbeats, plus dub and ambient influences, in comparison to the earlier fuzzy lo-fi ambient techno the project worked on.

    Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

    MP3, total time 56:02, total size 129MB

    Cover image

    Files at Internet Archive

    Download all files

    Hosted By Bumpfoot Netlabel
    (Thanks To Tatsu for Support & We Send All Our Prayers
    and Respect For All Japan ).

    Various Artists
    Jerky Oats Records (joat015)

    Download here:

    Available as a free download from Jerky Oats Records: Terminal Window - The FSOLBoard Album. Created and collected together into one sweeping weird and wonderful soundscape. 14 beautiful photographs taken by Pandemonium accompany the album, not looking too far from ready to be printed into a sell-able CD.

    "Terminal Window is a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to
    the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. The final record holds together incredibly well as an individual album, merging ambient breaks from the likes of Loose Link and Noisesurfer with more traditional ambience of Off Land and cubus, and more experimental sounds from Herd and Full-Source. This wide range of styles, knitted together into a single journey, leaves the album sounding not a million miles away from FSOL themselves."

    01. Noisesurfer - Undomain
    02. Loose Link - Electromagnetic Sound Nursery
    03. cubus - Ratsshake tramadol Pseuccele
    04. Herd - Tangent 43
    05. Clockwork Keyboard - Clockwork Freakout
    06. Second Thought - 1801-F.Deletion
    07. Off Land - 13th Century Kitichi
    08. Noisesurfer - Journey to the Moon
    09. Full-Source - Nothing Days
    10. Herd - Terminal Window
    11. Second Thought - First Understanding
    12. Clockwork Keyboard - Techwork Horror
    13. Loose Link - Design Defect
    14. Herd & Second Thought - Combiner

    Download here:

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