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Time Will Pass Experimental Music Compilation (ARGREC19) •July 7, 2012 • 


Warning: Please use discretion in volume when listening to and enjoying these songs.


Argali Records is proud to present our first compilation: “Time Will Pass”. While there is no specific ‘theme’ for this collection, initially a text was written by John Lithium explaining some of the concepts around the ‘time will pass’ set of ideas (namely, the permeability of time, the impermanence of fixed events and objects, and the subjective nature of sensory experience) [more on this can be found at the original post here:]. As with many long gestating projects, the ultimate focus is on the music.

Thus, we present to you, the listener, an eclectic mix of otherworldly textures, jazz-inflected jams, dub turntabalism, foreboding dark ambient soundscapes, avant-garde industrial revelations, and blistering noise fury. Instead of focusing our hearts and minds on the banality of ‘unavoidable catastrophic occurrences’ (and how we still manage to pass through unscathed), let’s turn towards the future, with auditory expressions equal parts introspection and extraversion. “TIME WILL PASS”.

Music for 2013 and subsequent years. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.


Noisesurfer: &
Implicit Order: &
Earth Concrete:
Jet Ghost:
Luxurious Dagger: &
Secant Prime: [Courtesy of Uncoiled Loops]
Sleep Crimes:
President Blair


All visual elements by John Lithium except where noted. The graphic for track eight kindly provided by Jet Ghost. Secant Prime appears courtesy of Uncoiled Loops.

Sirona 400 is Here!

Sirona Records Have 400 Releases now and make a Special 400 Edition with an excellent compilation tracks with special idea
4 minutes running time songs.For this guise of sounds have a large and great  spectrum of  artist/styles as
Adem Ohm,Nusa,Hu Creix,Toxic Chicken,Covolux,Noisesurfer,Cyril M., Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt ,Mr Bull,Poghom,
Corroded Master,Genetic Trance,Mus-Rat Cult,Demolay.and etc etc etc...
Notes: "Original Artwork by Michelle Darby aka Zep Tepi"
Various Artists - 4:00 (ZIP)

8 to 320kbps - June 2012
Diversified / Four Minutes

Footprints 2  Various Artists [Foot 200]

Previous anniversary compilation "Footprints" was released in April 2009. 3 years after, foot side got its 200th release. "Footprints 2" covers from foot102 (not foot101) to foot199 and 24 artists offered their unreleased tracks. Participants are : Mystified, Noisesurfer, Megatone, Kevin Bryce, Cagey House, Alinoe, EugeneKha, Gridline, SpaceWine, Ollie Cram, Pinkerator, Politru, Connaissance, Robot Junkyard, Chooko, Elphy Ant, Younnat, Baradit, Nox, dmyra, Duis (of Aerotrio), Möbius, Domrafa, and Tatsu.
Download All Files , Files at Internet Archive

Various Artists - Hidden Vibes Vol. 4

Blend of ambient soundscapes and modern classical piano instrumentals,contains songs by
Eus, Fog Lake, Skye's Diamond, Noisesurfer ,Lunae Lumen,Endless Melancholy and many more.
Last Fm Release Page , Download


Terraza EP / Noisesurfer [bump172] (2012.03.25)

Terraza EP is simply inspired on techno sounds, but with a little bit of chill out senses, with an attempt to dance and hear the tracks
Files at Internet Archive
Download all files

Terminal Window 2

The New Worck 445 of Noisesurfer

A great start of your weekend! A ambient trip for timelaps and relaxing moments! ‘Chill Mix Show’ by TNW resident Noisesurfer! Enjoy! Count your blessings!

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